Common Facts That You Have Been Getting Wrong About Vaping

If you visit many popular vaping websites today, you will be surprised that they all promote it so well. Vaping has made the industry control high revenue streams annually. As of now, the vaping industry is a big threat to the smoking sector although they are both dominated by the same investors. Most users are very confused right now as far as this issue is concerned. There is a lot that they do not know. But finding to the right information like this gives you an opportunity to learn common facts that you have been getting wrong about vaping

Common Facts That You Have Been Getting Wrong About Vaping

Vaping Will Help You Quit Smoking

Those who are into vaping probably know this too well. But is it true that you can start vaping to quit smoking? The main reasons why people find it hard to quit smoking is because the nicotine addicts them. E-juices also has nicotine in it, but in controlled levels. This means that e-juices with nicotine are equally addictive, especially for those who choose high nicotine e-juices.

common facts about vaping

Vaping has No Negative Health Effects

Again, most people know that they are safer with e-cigarettes. Unfortunately, there is no medical research that has given this habit a clean chit. Some studies have shown that vaping has fewer negative effects than smoking but you will still have to worry about allergies, illnesses related to the airways, and internal organ problems. However, this depends on the type of e-juice that you have been using and the frequency of vaping.

Common Facts That You Have Been Getting Wrong About Vaping

It is Cheaper to Vape than to Smoke

Another fallacy that confuses users is the claim that you will save a lot of money when vaping. But how true is this? If you visit an e-cig shop like, you will get accessories that are offered at different prices just like conventional cigarettes are offered at varying prices. When it comes to using the vape device, what matters is how addicted you are. Those who vape many times a day will lose just as much money as the chain smokers. You should know that vaping is not as cheap as people make it look. It has a cost as well.

Price comparison of vaping with smoking

Making E-Juice is Complicated

E-juice makers do not use rocket science to make them. Whether they are trying to create a new formula or not, it is all about playing around with the main ingredients. For all e-juices, they use a base which is either vegetable glucose (VG) or propylene glycol (PG). Sometimes, these two are mixed in a certain ratio to come up with a certain quality. Others include water and flavors. See? It’s very simple.

Common Facts That You Have Been Getting Wrong About Vaping

You can Vape in Public

This is a common misconception, and you cannot vape at many places. It is still not recommended to do so. Imagine vaping on a plane and causing everyone to cough or panic as they think that there is a fire risk. People will still get bothered even if we assume that the vapor is harmless. So, using your vape pen in public is not yet possible and it is not going to be anytime soon. I hope you must have liked these common facts that you have been getting wrong about vaping.

Vaping not allowed in public

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