Winged Eyeliner Tutorial Step By Step

winged eyeliner tutorial

Girls and fashion is inseparable. And fashion and makeup have blood ties. Now a days, no girl considers herself beautiful without putting at least an eyeliner on her face. Eyeliner makes the eyes look bigger, beautiful and more attractive. Eyes are already a very beautiful feature of the face and putting on the eyeliner enhances them more. I don’t think ...

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40+ Beautiful Nature Wallpapers

nature wallpapers

Nature is a perfect creation of God. The world could not exist without nature. So, it is a necessary part of our lives. Beautiful nature wallpapers depict the beauty and loveliness of this world. Imagine a life without beautiful mountains, lush green valleys, ever-running rivers, beautiful waterfalls and breath taking deserts and oceans. Life would have no meaning without nature. ...

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Cute Summer Hairstyles That Provide Relief


So, the summer is upon us and summer means a lot of parties, activities, functions and trips etc. A lot of cute summer hairstyles can be used to change your outlook in these events. With the rise in temperature, taking care of yourself becomes much more hectic. It becomes necessary to look for easy ways to get ready for any ...

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Maxi Dresses – 20+ Beautiful Maxis 2015

maxi dresses

Maxi dresses are full length dresses sewn like frocks. They are in fittingĀ at the top and loose at the bottom. Maxi is a really cool and comfortable dress which can be worn at any type of occasion. Maxi dresses are well known among women and especially teenage girls for their classy look. Girls like to wear maxis on parties, functions ...

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Eyeliner Styles – 20+ Styles That Change The Look


Eyes are known as the window to the soul. No doubt, they are the most dominant part of the face. Women since long have used hundreds of method to make their eyes attractive and beautiful. One such method is the use of eyeliner. Eyeliner is put on the lids of the eye thus making them look bigger and more prominent. ...

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Funny Animal Pictures That Lift The Mood

funny animal pictures

Animals are a creation of God loved by everyone. Everybody loves animals. They have emotions, feelings and sensibility. Animals are quite funny. Their cuteness is apparent from their actions. Most humans love to keep some animals as pets including cats, dogs, birds etc. Those who keep them as pets quite often witness the moments of cuteness and fun. If we ...

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French Braid Tutorial Step By Step

french braid

French braids are one of the most famous braids off all time. Girls like to make new and unique hairstyles which make them look pretty and cute. In hairstyles, braids are of utmost importance. They make hair look neat and tidy. They are also easy to carry. There are many types of braids. French braids are the most beautiful and ...

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Cute Facebook Covers – 30+ Facebook Covers For Girls

facebook covers

Everybody knows facebook. Everybody loves facebook. It is the platform connecting billions of people with each other. I still remember back then when I was in University, Facebook had recently started growing up. With course of time, facebook has gone through many changes. Some changes were opposed by the users. Some were readily accepted by all of them. One of ...

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20+ Classy Perfumes For Women

perfumes for women

Perfumes are the fragrances used for giving ourselves a satisfying smell. They have been used since a long time by humans and are still widely used in world everywhere. Perfumes are made using natural as well as synthetic resources. Natural resources include different types of plants, flowers, fruits, resins and leaves of trees etc. Perfumes are also made using animal ...

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30+ Inspiring And Best Life Quotes


Life is the name of struggle, lessons, learning, hardships, happiness and sadness. When we are blessed with life, we have no experience of how to survive it. Everything is new and exciting. With the passage of time, we come to know the reality and hardships. Life is not easy. There are hundreds of best life quotes which depict the reality ...

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