Going Bold with Gold will Give You Heads turn in Public

bold with gold

Why going bold with gold will give you heads turn every time you are in public? Every season has its ups and downs. When you are getting ready for the fall, it’s critical to ensure that your makeup works best for that season and it gives you the type of attention you deserve. However, getting it right during autumn can ...

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Chic Summer: Modest Fashion Must-Haves

It is THAT time of year when you can probably cook an egg sunny-side up on the pavement of your driveway. You will also most definitely arrive to work meetings and girly brunches with half-melted makeup and sweat-drenched clothes. Exposing some skin may help you cool down, but as a modest girl, you are not about to do that. So, ...

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Budget Wedding Invitations By Basic Invite

Beautiful wedding invitations are a must and high quality invites are the best way to obtain that. But when you’re on a budget, it can be hard to find both. On one hand, you don’t want to compromise the quality or looks, but on the other your wedding dress or flowers might be more important to you. So, you sacrifice ...

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5 Designer Tricks for Updating Your Open Space

decorate open space

According to Bankrate, open floor plans are among the top desired qualities that a home buyer looks for. Whether you’re selling your home soon or you simply want to update your existing features to make the space more livable, check out these designer tricks for updating your open space and making it more modern and luxurious. Image Source : Flickr Designer ...

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Travel Guide for a One-Day Trip to Anchorage


Anchorage, Alaska sits on the Cook Inlet and serves as a stunning gateway to the abundant wildlife and natural wonders that the state is known for. Visiting is possible throughout the year. Tourists will be able to experience the beauty of Alaska no matter which season they travel. A day spent exploring Anchorage will leave you breathless. There is so ...

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3 Secrets to Lose Weight without Joining Gym

lose weight

Everyone is looking for the easy way to lose weight because we don’t have enough time for heavy exercises session. Most of us also think that it’s not possible to lose weight with just running, it’s actually not. I mean if you are doing the little cardio exercise session you can still burn plenty of calories daily. You need the ...

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Top 10 Perfect Tools for Dressmaking

tools for dressmaking

Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned tailor, the tools for dressmaking remain the same. Investing in quality equipment not only makes the job easier, it also can improve your results. Here are some of the essential tools for dressmaking you’ll need to create great looking clothing with minimal effort. Image Source Top 10 Tools for Dressmaking 1. ...

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5 Ways to Style Up the Classic Plain Tunic

Who doesn’t love tunics? They are cute, chic, comfortable and affordable, but the best part is that with a bit of modifications, you can wear tunics in any season and for any occasion. But sooner or later, we all get tired of wearing the same old tunic again and again, don’t we? Well, here are some awesome tips to style ...

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30+ Graduation Dresses Ideas For Girls

graduation outfits ideas

Yesterday, I was talking to my sister about her university. She was worried about the dress she is going to wear on her graduation day. While giving her multiple graduation dresses ideas, I thought about writing an article about this topic. Graduation is a very important day in our lives. Every girl wants to look her best on this day. ...

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Natural Home Remedies For Coughs And Colds In Children

Children are sensitive and that is why it’s not always a good idea to give them over the counter drugs when they have a cough or cold. To understand over the counter drugs and more info can be found here. You should take them to a specialist or consider some natural home remedies. One of the benefits of natural home ...

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