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30+ Inspiring Love Quotes To Say I Love You


Love is a true blessing from God given to human beings. It is a feeling which totally changes a person. When a person is in love, his life is completed. He doesn’t think about himself only. His beloved becomes a part of himself. His thoughts and actions are no longer his own. That is why it is said about love that ...

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30+ Inspiring And Motivating Rumi Quotes

rumi quotes

Nobody in today’s world is unfamiliar with Rumi. Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Rumi was a Persian intellectual, Islamic scholar and sufi poet. His sayings and teachings are quite famous all over the world. Specially, Rumi quotes are quite often quoted by people from every race and religion. Rumi is one of the best and the most popular poet of the world, specially ...

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30+ Cheerful And Happy Quotes About Life

Happiness quotes

Life is the name of struggle and hardships. In this life, we feel all type of emotions. Happiness is the best of all. Being happy lifts one’s spirits and make him/her forget all the hardships of life. Happiness starts from within a person. When we are happy, everything looks great. Every action of us shows how happy we are. Happiness is one of ...

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30+ Best Sad Quotes About Life

sad quotes

Sadness is a feeling felt by every being on this world. When someone is sad, nothing looks good or feels good. It is a feeling which deprives people from all their happiness and hope. That person becomes emotionally disturbed. He/she looks for ways to comfort himself in this situation by looking for something that will soothe his/her pain. Sad quotes ...

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30+ Inspiring And Best Life Quotes


Life is the name of struggle, lessons, learning, hardships, happiness and sadness. When we are blessed with life, we have no experience of how to survive it. Everything is new and exciting. With the passage of time, we come to know the reality and hardships. Life is not easy. There are hundreds of best life quotes which depict the reality ...

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